Firemen vrs. Flaming Skulls

Well this is a montage between the Heros “Firemen” and the Villians “Flaming Skulls”.  I chose the black & white ink style for two reasons. (1) I wanted an older look and  (2) it’s simply cartoonish. I have a color drawing on Instagram right now that I drew & painted for a tattoo request; but the singular version wasn’t enough for me.  I’m still working on this one.  I have a vision that I can hold the attention in the background for an eternal fight to the oldest opposition in the world. We will see.

Felicia, Artist

Latest Work

Just finished a picture that is called Pirate Flag. It’s pretty nice. There is lots of crosshatching; some shading; some mixed colors and lots of lines. It took two weeks to create. It’s minimal for what I like to do.